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First Orbit - the movie
posted April 13 2011 19:19.24 by Giorgos Lazaridis

April 12, 1961, 50 years before, this is when a Russian cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin made space history when he became the first human being to blast off into space, aboard a bell-shaped capsule known as Voystok 1. He circled earth in 108 minutes, passing over the Pacific , the straits of Magellan, the Atlantic, Africa, and finally Voystok 1 reentered the earth's atmosphere and landed near Engels, Russia. You can find a 1:39 long video with this incredible journey, and see exactly what Yuri saw during his historical orbit.

The feeling of weightlessness was somewhat unfamiliar compared with Earth conditions. Here, you feel as if you were hanging in a horizontal position in straps. You feel as if you are suspended.

[Via: discovery]    [Link: firstorbit]
Tags: satellite   pioneer   rocket   revealed   documentary   history   science   space related   

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