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This sunrise in China had two suns!
posted March 8 2011 20:43.06 by Giorgos Lazaridis

A few days ago, i read an entry on a blog that was talking about those two suns that were filmed in China. I thought that it was a reflection to the atmosphere, and that is exactly what an astronomer from the University of Illinois said, that this phenomenon is caused by atmospheric refraction. He admits though, that it is NOT fully understood:

I doubt its been computer modeled. There must have been some blob of atmosphere somewhere that caused this truly spectacular phenomenon, which in a sense is a mirage.

Same uncertain answer was given by an atmospheric scientist at the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Institute for Satellite and Meteorological Studies (SSEC)

This is not a common optical phenomenon that were seeing here. You would have to assume it is particles of ice or something in the atmosphere aligned in such a way that they would refract the sunlight at that very small angle, but only in one direction. It would require some fairly peculiar characteristics

However, there are scientists that give more realistic (surrealistic) explanations, such as that the film was taken through a window, or that it is certainly an atmospheric refraction. In any case, the mystery still remains.

[Link: dailypicksandflicks]
Tags: crazy story   unsolved mystery   illusion   space related   science   

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