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posted June 16 2010 18:54.18

Have you ever imagined owning a quadricopter with three axes accelerometer, two gyrometers [one axe & two axes], one ultrasound sensor and two cameras constructed from carbon fiber and high resistance PA66 plastic? And to go beyond, imagine to control this with your iPhone® and iPod Touch® via wi-fi? Sounds unbelieveble but it's true!
Parrot made it reality and is called AR.Drone.
Buffed with an open API platform to develop applications and allready some augmented reality games with controll from iPhone's® accelerometer and real time image from the 2 onboard cameras it is sure to be a hit.
You can learn more info here and watch more videos here.
I just want one now!

[Link: AR.Drone]
Tags: commercial   rc servo   remote control (RC)   gaming   accelerometer   wireless   mechanical   

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