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How many galaxies can we see with our naked eyes? [Random Knowledge #22]
posted March 12 2013 20:27.56 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Every time, there are 1000 to 10000 stars visible to the naked eye depending on the location, the weather conditions and the light pollution. Have you ever wondered how many of these stars are galaxies?

The answer is... just three! Galaxies are diffuse patches of light in the sky making them really difficult to spot, plus they are many light years away. The only galaxies that can be (hardly) seen without some sort of telescope or binoculars is the Andromeda galaxy M31, as well as the small and large Magellanic clouds which are only visible from the southern hemisphere.

Technically, we can say that the Milky Way is also visible, but hey, we live in the Milky Way...

Photo: wikipedia

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