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Things that people have seen on Mars...
posted June 20 2011 20:14.55 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The human brain works that way: it loves creating myths, stories and unsolved mysteries. Otherwise, Spielberg would be unemployed right now. Since the 1700s, people are trying to prove that there are Martians. That is enough to spark the imagination. Let's not forget the secret Martian base... It was "discovered" a few days ago (i uploaded a blog entry for this). That's not all. In 2007, the Mars rover Spirit captured this photo:

CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University

It appears like a human-like something, wearing a Jedi robe meditating on a rock. Fortunately, it is nothing more than a rock sitting on another rock. But due to pareidolia, our brain thinks this is a Martian.

Pareidolia is the scientific term for seeing faces or other significant objects where they aren't Face pareidolia is a byproduct of our heightened sensitivity to the details of human faces.

Another weird and very known story are the Martian Canals. It all began in 1877, when an Italian astronomer named Giovanni Schiaparelli was watching with his telescope the Martian surface. And guess what! He actually saw channels with water formed on the surface of the planet! Later on, in 1895, another astronomer named Percival Lowell saw himself the canals and draw them in a book with the title "Mars". Many people were convinced that Martians built these channels like we do. These is what they saw:

CREDIT: Public domain

Luckily, again, it proved that there are no canals on Mars, and what both astronomers saw was just the mountains and the craters that appear to be joined together by straight lines, due to the poor quality of the telescopes.

Visit this link to find more stories.

[Link: space]
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