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You will be misdirected - Watch this! [Mind Facts]
posted March 22 2014 21:09.41 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This guy has an AMAZING talent - What he can do is exploit the vulnerabilities of the human brain and most particular the inability to multitask. The human brain is not designed to do many things at a time, unless these things have been practiced and practiced for many times and they eventually go deep into the unconscious, like walking. You do not think when you walk, neither when you cycle, or when you play the guitar. It just happens.

But things that require your attention can only be processed one at a time. Try for example to write a poem with your right hand and brush your teeth with your left hand. Unless you practice a lot, the whole process will fail. Think of your brain like windows 95, you may multitask if you want but eventually you will fail...

Now, about this guy. His name is Apollo Robbins and he demonstrates the art (literally) of misdirection. He fools everyone (the guy on the stage, the audience, the youtube spectators...) in such a way that you will have to rewind the video many times to believe it...

[Link: TED]

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