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Wearable Working PIP-Boy 3000 [Gaming]
posted November 14 2013 14:35.02 by spic0m

The PIP-Boy 3000 as some of you know, is a fictional gadget from the Fallout game series, and is your only help to keep you on path within the game. Many have tried to replicate this mythical gadget, but YouTuber Aleator777 might just have created the best working PIP-Boy 3000 to date.
What this guy has been able to put together is something of a must see. Imagine for a second that you are able to reach within Fallout, grab the PIP-Boy 3000 and then drag it into the real world. That is how it feels looking at the working PIP-Boy 3000 that Aleator777 has been able to put together.

[Link: bitrebels]

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