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The physics of that gravity-defying chain of metal beads [Science]
posted November 13 2013 13:34.20 by spic0m

Here's a pretty mind blowing video. It was made by Steve Mould, who's a science presenter.
It's so surprising that many sources covering this video assumed that the beads were actually magnets, presumably because that would make this strange phenomenon easier to swallow. But they aren't magnets -what you're seeing is just a boring old chain of metal beads, the kind that you might have at home hanging from blinds or from ceiling fans. Which makes it even stranger.

So what's going on in this incredible video? How does a seemingly unremarkable chain of metal beads somehow appear to defy gravity? Fortunately, there's an even more stunning slow-motion video where Steve offers us an explanation.

[Link: Empirical Zeal]

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