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Internet Radio with Raspberry Pi [Project]
posted June 30 2014 13:10.31 by spic0m

Marco Magagnin writes at Open Electronics a detailed article about radio and audio broadcasting on TCP/IP network and its integration with radio repeaters, all this with a Raspberry Pi:

"Since long past times, when Gugliemo Marconi has amazed the entire World broadcasting his radio signals from the Elettra ship, a subject held dear by electronic engineers has been radio transmission. After these years, the scenario has changed a lot, firstly with the appering of digital technologies (DAB, for instance) and, up to day, with the streaming of radio transmissions on internet network by the TCP/IP protocol. Is this still radio? Or we can just talk of broadcasting radio station programs by TCP/IP network?.

Less fascinating than the old radio technology by "internet radio" we are able to send "radio" communication far beyond the range of 1Cwireless 1D radio. In the current and in following articles, we would like to approach the topic of radio and audio broadcasting on TCP/IP network and its integration with radio repeaters, in order to build something like "hybrid" radio links. The example proposed in the article is based on Raspberry Pi that is, by now, the preferred platform for our tutorials on GNU/Linux embedded world. In this first issue we are depicting how to build a portable internet "radio", it is a device suitable for receiving and managing radio and audio streaming carried by an internet connection, both wired and wireless. We will also cover the management of audio track playlists stored on USB keys or on network shared disk drives. Streaming trasmission requires sending a flows of TCP/HTTP packets containing bunches of digitazed audio from production and distribution servers to clients scattered all over internet networks, where the streaming itself will be turned again into audible sounds."

Read everything here.

[Link: Open Electronics]

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