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What Is An Electric Battery? [Technology]
posted July 3 2014 7:54.49 by spic0m

Ever wondered how those small power plants work? Wonderful Engineering posted a detailed article with everything you need to know about.

"An electric battery is defined as a device that makes use of either one or an assembly of electrochemical cells that convert the stored chemical energy within them into electrical energy. Each cell has a positive terminal, cathode, and a negative terminal, anode. An estimate carried out in 2005 concluded that worldwide battery industry roughly generates $48 billion in annual sales with a 6% annual growth. Benjamin Franklin used the word battery in 1748 to describe his multiple Leyden jars. Alessandro Volta described the first electrochemical battery known as voltaic pile in 1800.

Batteries work by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. A battery is composed of electrochemical/voltaic cells that contain electrolyte (conducting material) and electrodes. The process of electron flow occurs when the electrons are deposited at the cathode and when electrons are removed from the anode during charging. The electrodes do not come in contact and the flow of electrons takes place via the external circuit (hence the current flows) while the cations and anions flow in electrolyte."

Want more? Head to site to read the whole article.

[Link: Wonderful Engineering]

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