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Amazing timelapse of 30-story building constructed 15 days [Video]
posted April 27 2012 4:32.46 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The growth rate of China is amazing! Here is a video from a construction area near the Dongting lake, in the Hunan Province, China. A Chinese construction group named Broad Group use prefabricated modules to build this 30-story high and 183.000 square foot hotel. The amazing thing is that they built it in just 15 days! The building can stand a 9 magnitude earthquake, as tested by the China Academy of Building Research.

The company also says that it is five times more energy efficient, with 6-inch thick glass curtain wall insulation and four-paned windows with built-in shades, a heat recovery system and 3-stage filtration air conditioning process that purifies indoor air to be 20 times purer than the air outside. They even have air quality monitoring in every room which, given the pollution problem in China, seems to be an important selling point there.
Jesus Diaz comments

[Via: gizmodo]    [Link: differentenergy]

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