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DIY Small and Silent Air Compressor on the Cheap
posted June 3 2014 6:11.08 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I am going to build a new tool for my workbench, my new homemade Pneumatic Solder Paste Dispenser for the SMD parts. The word "Pneumatic" dictates that i will need some sort of air compressor to make this work. Although i could buy a cheap 25 liters air compressor for as low as 50 euro, i decided to make my own for 3 reasons:

Reason #1. 25 liters is too much for what i need. A lot of power will be used only to fill the tank before building up pressure, but the solder paste dispenser needs only a few air volume to oeprate
Reason #2. I already had a small tank (fire extinguisher) and an air compressor so i can make it for less than 10 euro
Reason #3. I can do it, so why not?

For this make I used the compressor from an old refrigerator as an air compressor. The design is so silent that you can easily sleep during operation. Follow this link to see the complete worklog and how i built it step by step.

[Link: pcbheaven]

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