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This Beautiful Girl is a Real Life Fighter - Will Power to Max!
posted March 22 2014 21:30.25 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I thought that learning to play the guitar was hard, juggling with balls seemed like an achievement, learning programming with many different languages is an huge goal, but this girl literally dwarfed everything. Because think of this: If you can't hear from the day you were born, how hard would it be to speak? How can someone explain to you how to speak if you've never heard a word? Like, how can someone explain to you the red color if you were born blind?

Rachel Kolb was born deaf. It took her 18 years of training and speech therapy. With the support of her family and the strongest power of will that I've ever seen (and admire), she is now able to give us a lesson about "can" and "cannot"!

I pay my respect to her.


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