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Smartphone Case to Print Photos Instantly Like Polaroid [News]
posted November 17 2014 15:03.15 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Remember those good old days when a Polaroid was something between high-tech and magic? Well, many years have passed since then and no alternative was ever designed, until now!

This kickstarter campaign is actually a smartphone case with a printer attached. All you have to do is plug in your device, snap and print! The 3D printed prototype then takes about 50 seconds to print the picture. The actual product will be much faster (about 30 seconds to print an image) and it will be capable of holding 10 to 30 sheets of photographic paper.

A very cool feature (like printing alone was not cool enough) is the augmented reality feature built into the Prynt app. When you take a picture, the app records some moments before and after and sends them to the cloud as a video. Then prints the photo on real paper. When you hold this photo in front of the camera, the app recognizes the image, recalls the video and instead of the actual picture you see the video running!

Clement Perrot, Prynt's CEO says that the first available model will be via Kickstarter early next year and it will cost $99. It will only support the expensive models with big screens, but coming cases will support other sizes as well.

Follow this link to watch the video showcasing the product at techcrunch

And something for the nostalgia...

[Via: techcrunch]    [Link: prynt]

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