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Single Resistor Adjustable LDO Voltage Regulator [Circuit]
posted September 1 2014 6:37.37 by Giorgos Lazaridis

As you probably know, adjustable linear regulators (like the all mighty LM317) usually require a set of 2 resistors to generate a voltage feedback from the output. Linear Technology offers the LT3080 which is an adjustable 1.1A LDO requiring only one single resistor thanks to a built-in precision current source. The voltage follower is able to deliver a load up to 1.1A. According to LT, a small 2.2uF output capacitor is enough for low ripple output (40uV). The voltage drop is typically 350mV and a minimum 0.5mA of current is required for proper regulation. The chip provides current limit with Foldback and overtemperature protected.

For higher output power, LT offers the LT3080-1 paralellable version. The chips can be paralleled without using additional adjusting resistors:

[Link: Linear Technology]

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