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Lego NXT weightlifting champion
posted November 10 2010 5:57.22 by Giorgos Lazaridis

222Doc uploaded a video with a weightlifting NXT bot, to demonstrate the capabilities. The vehicle is nearly 800 grams, it managed to lift and transfer 35.4 kilos of weight, which is 43.9 to 1 weight ratio. The robot has only 2 motors, one for moving and one for lifting the weight bar. Check it out in this link, or visit 222Doc's channel in youtube.

[Link: 222Doc]
Tags: electronic project   robot   rc servo   lego   

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  • At 10 November 2010, 22:59:34 user Doc wrote:   [reply @ Doc]
    • Not that I know of. When one of our(mindBoards.net)members request "that if I knew who was the winner of contest#3 and perhaps if I knew if there was a video". I posted a message to "Dad & Adam". He sent me the Video and the details, then asked if i could publish it at my blog and youtube as he had none. He later told me they were thinking about creating a youtube for thier work soon.

      This topic was on how weak some thought Lego motors are :) I had told them that IF you design it correctly that Lego can be very powerfull even able to lift 100lbs(second place lifted that much but was a rather heavy bot and slower to move the meter. Mine was a for fun entry since I was a moderator, conflict of interest since we were giving away prizes, sponsored by Mindsensors.

      When he gives me more info I will forward this to you.

      Thank you all again!


  • At 10 November 2010, 21:32:18 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • Thank you Doc for the info. Has the author a website to credit to?

  • At 10 November 2010, 21:18:50 user Doc wrote:   [reply @ Doc]
    • Hi, just wanted to say this was sent to me, not made by me. Back when this contest was held the winner seen here was only in a private viewing. Since our web site nxtasy was lost and the new mindBoards has be opened, the video was requested and the author granted me the right to make it public. The Author is "Dad & Adam". A very impressive work at that. Thank you all for coverage of too, very nice to see mindstorms robots being spot-lighted.



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