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Electron Trees
posted September 17 2013 9:31.31 by spic0m

Mark Magness is an Electronic Engineer that he decided to make an unusual gift to bridesmaids for his wedding, an electron tree.
What is an electron tree?
Also known as Lichtenberg Figures or Captured Lightning, they are what can be created by firing a beam of high energy electrons at a piece of acrylic and then striking the acrylic with a grounded stud.

The high energy electrons come to rest within the acrylic and form a plane of charge, once the grounding stud strikes the acrylic, a discharge path is created and all the electrons shoot to ground like a lightning strike, burning a path as they go.
What remains after the discharge is a block with a preserved representation of the path the charge travelled to get to ground, which as well as being an example of a fractal is a beautiful and interesting thing to behold, especially when lit up from below.

[Link: entirelyopinionated]

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