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Controlling of Stepper Motors using Raspberry Pi [Project]
posted January 3 2014 1:32.09 by spic0m

Stepper motor due to its variety of usage in robotics application has numerous ways of controlling. One such method is presented here. Raspberry Pi, the new tool in the market came with a bang. The Raspberry pie is a 5 V device. In this project GPIO pins of the raspberry pi used to control the stepper motor speed and torque.

The basic idea of using stepper motor here goes back to its variety of usages in robotics applications. Coming straight to our project i.e. "How to control a stepper motor using Raspberry Pi?". Broadly, the project is divided into three parts:

Interfacing GPIO pins with the stepper motor
Python script
Raspberry PI GPIO pinout*

[Link: Mohd Kashif in EEWeb]

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