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Arduino, GPS, and Remote-Controlled Aircraft [Project]
posted April 10 2014 19:11.33 by spic0m

Charles Gantt was searching for a way to keep track of his quad copter flight paths, he ended up with a whole line of micro-development boards to review and implement to his project.

"I recently picked up a new hobby that involves custom building multi-rotor helicopters and during this journey I have found a strong desire to map the flights of my quad copter. Unfortunately, a full sized handheld GPS is much too heavy to add to the payload of the quad copter and still retain respectable flight times. So I began searching for a small, lightweight GPS data logging solution that I could build myself with readily available, off the shelf components.

After a few days of research I settled on an Arduino and GPS shield combo with a cusom 3D printed case. Around the time I ordered the hardware I would need, a company called TinyCircuits contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their products, and writing a few tutorials around their Tinyduino line of micro-development boards. I agreed and a few days later I had the company's entire Tinyduino line sitting on my workbench."

[Link: element14]

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