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Is this really the batman equation? [Maths]
posted February 19 2013 22:21.21 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The story. The man who wrote this equation claims that the output result is the sing of a humanoid nocturne sonar guided flying rat in dark tight pants... The challenge: Anyone who has a suitable program is challenged to try this equation and post us the results!

Click the image for full size:


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  • At 20 February 2013, 10:04:17 user Thomas Flanagan wrote:   [reply @ Thomas Flanagan]
    • I guess I had a date with destiny, as once I had deducted the logic of the Batman equation into the right order and carried out the laws of mathematics in a routine fashion. Right before my very eyes, the very essence of our present reality being 'symmetry' started appearing, all that was needed, was for me to connect the dots, (so to speak). What is symmetry you may ask? It is the pattern of the energy simulation computing our existence at a constant rate being equal to the speed of light in a vacuum. Symmetry is all around us, picture to halves of a circle, they coincide with each other elegantly and equally on either side. Such are the patterns of symmetry. Now let's do the math. We have positive energy on one side and negative energy on the other. When put together, they completely cancel each other out. Much like one half of the dark knight is Bruce Wayne but on the other side is ... BATMAN!! As long as the two are kept apart then the stories of the legend of Batman would continue indefinitely. However, should it come to pass that the dark knight is unmasked as Bruce Wayne, the adventures of Batman and Robin would abruptly end.

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