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NutriSmart: Smart nutrition system for stupid people
posted June 11 2011 20:05.45 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Nothing strange though. This is the decease of the century. Smart people build "smart" machines, only to let them relax their brains. Here is another example. Nutrismart is a German industrial designer project, which can trace each product with RFID. They think that this way, shopping will be automated and that the refrigerator will be able to warn us as soon as a product goes bad. They also believe that this system will be able to control our diet...

Let me think... And start backwards. This thing can control our diet? Are we serious? I will have to scan everything that i eat??? That is ridiculous. Not to mention the "product goes bad" case. Can this system detect when the fish goes bad? Or the steak? And how on earth are they going to plant the RFID on a cooked meal? And shopping will be automated... yes sure, like, do i always have to have ketchup in my refrigerator? Oh come on! But i still have to admit that this product may work in Germany.

[Via: tuvie]    [Link: HannesRemote]
Tags: rfid   ridiculous   bad idea   crazy designs   sick   hilarious   geek   omg   insane   commercial   futuristic   

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