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Guitar Pickup Winder [Project]
posted January 25 2014 3:36.47 by spic0m

Pete Mills wanted to make a DIY guitar pickup, digging deeper into the theory of solid body electric guitars as a whole he discovered a whole lot new things.

"This projected started in June of 2011. Remember the Google Doodle commemorating Les Paul's 96th birthday? Well, that got me thinking about how electric guitar pickups work. I had a general idea about how they work, postulating they are essentially variable reluctance sensors, but doing a bit of research, I kind of got bitten by the electric guitar bug and dove right into the research of solid body electric guitars as a whole.

I have been primarily focused on guitar pickups and passive electronics at the moment. In short order however, I would be requiring a test bed for these pickups. That is why I made the decision from the very beginning that I would not only try my hand at building electric guitar pickups, but a complete scratch built guitar; wood has been harvested. Later posts will focus on other topics about solid body electric guitar building. Here, I will try to stay on the topic of an electric guitar pickups, but more specifically the pickup winder I built to wind my own pickups.

After announcing my new obsession to anyone who would listen, an electric guitar was given to me to experiment with. It is a smaller than average guitar, possibly for a child, but it will do just fine to test my pickups with a full guitar still being built down the road."

[Link: Pete Mills]

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