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Analysing 433 Mhz transmitters with RTL-SDR [Education]
posted June 20 2014 12:03.19 by spic0m

Yashin from ArcanumX wrote a post about analyzing 433 Mhz transmitters, a common transmitter found on weather monitors, power monitors and alarm sensors:

"RTL-SDR is a good addition to the arsenal of any hardware geek and this holds true for hardware security researchers too.
With this blog post I intend to demonstrate how the RTL-SDR can be used to sniff 433 Mhz transmitters. These are pretty cheap and can be found in a lot of appliances including alarm sensors. This post is also intended to be an intro to RTL-SDR usage. I suggest you get Kali linux (1.0.6>) on your system as it has most of the dependencies required for this demo.

To show the capture of data and to simulate a transmission I 19ll be using a FS1000A 433 mhz transmitter along with a Teensy to control it."

Find the whole article here.

[Link: ArcanumX]

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