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Lego workers to quickly sort your pile of resistors
posted May 5 2011 20:17.18 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Petros, a friend of mine, sent me this interesting project that he stumbled upon. David from robotroom made an ohm-meter, which is connected with a PC and sends data to a .Net application. The application then is capable to find the closest existing resistor value. The value of the resistor is then spoken from the PC speakers! The twist of this project is that the probes for the resistors are actually the hands of a Lego dude :D...
The device can also measure the remaining voltage of 1,5 volt batteries. The probe for this is a wrench that another Lego dude holds. Thanks [Petro]

[Link: robotroom]
Tags: electronic project   diy   microcontroller   lego   crazy designs   

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