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Computer thieves are getting more and more stupid
posted March 23 2011 22:20.18 by Giorgos Lazaridis

A few months ago, i posted a really hilarious video about a thief that stole the computer of a hacker, and finally get got because of his ignorance (in combination with his stupidity). But this dude over here has really no pair! The story is similar: He stole a MacBook, that MacBook was owned by Mark Bao, a 18-year-old student at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts and computer geek blah blah blah, and finally we come to the point where Mark gains access to his stolen Mac and begins acquiring data and files, in order to track the thief down. Along with some useful mugshots for the police and his facebook account, he managed also to download this following video, in which the thief (proving his stupidity) proves that he is also a terrible terrible dancer. Mark does not plan to call the police, as he hopes that the young wanna-be-a-dancer will return it somehow to its owner, after he sees this absolutely embarrassing video on youtube...

[Link: betabeat]
Tags: hilarious   crime   ridiculous   crazy story   pc related   crazy photo/video   games and fun   

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