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Phenakistoscope [Project]
posted January 13 2014 11:58.52 by spic0m

Playmodes team, an audiovisual research studio based on Barcelona area made a DIY electronic remake of the Phenakistoscope, one of the first motion graphics device from the XIXth century.

"We used a recycled stepper motor from an old printer as the motion source, attaching a CD clip to it so that we could make the CDs rotate at a stable velocity. The CDs were completed with a sticked paper with classical and brand-new phenakistoscope patterns.

By synchronizing the strobe frequency of a white led stripe with the motor rotation, we accomplish the image-in-motion effect on the eye.

We used an Arduino nano for the overall control of the pots, the motor, the leds, etc.."

[Link: Playmodes]

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