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Five Things we Learn in School and are Wrong! [Facts]
posted March 12 2014 7:29.45 by Giorgos Lazaridis

In school i learned that the seasons are a result of the Earth's distance to the sun which is not always the same. It was a fact back then but its totally false. Every now and then i keep wondering myself how people (and especially teachers) were so naive to simply rotate such things when they already knew that when we have summer in Greece, Australia has winter. I mean there are a lot of Greeks living in Australia (and i mean A LOT). These guys have families here, they communicate... My point is this: A young Greek who lives in Greece decides to go to Australia and live there (happened many many times). The first year he notices that the locals celebrate the New Year's eve in the sea because its summer, and they rarely get vacations in August because its winter...
And then what? Nothing? No feedback? If i was that guy i would immediately travel back to Greece to cast the news out of my lungs!

Anyway, here is a video with five facts that most of us think they are true but the aren't quite...

[Link: This is Genius]

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