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Worms in Space Board Game [Project]
posted December 11 2013 10:28.55 by spic0m

As part of a university project, Eric Hamilton and Katie Staples have created a device that stimulates a worm to travel across four quadrants of a larger square as a goal for a different type of board game titled "Worms in Space". The worm does most of the work, and is motivated to move across each quadrant by human-controlled LEDs and servos operate the door to the next quadrant when required.

The worms presence is detected with an interesting form of touch detection, which are used to control the doors between each quadrant of the board.

[Link: instructables]

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  • At 11 December 2013, 14:33:30 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • Do you... see the worm???/

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