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This is how a book is born - Excellent artistic view [Video]
posted May 8 2012 6:47.14 by Giorgos Lazaridis

We are living the electronic age with tons of e-books already installed in each one's HDD... I had once an argument with a friend of mine, PIKE is his id, regarding books and e-books. I still believe that technically, e-books are good if you wanna read a novel, poetry, literature... But not more. You cannot do a research and have e-books as references. It is not practical.

The following video shows another awesome attribute of books: Their birth. Compare this video to a copy/paste action...

And don't tell me about those poor trees that maniac killers with saws cut to make a book... Do you know what it takes to make an ipad??? In one point i will agree: Stop printing stupid books on paper!

[Link: Glen Milner]

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