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Scavenger hunt in the CERN Computing Centre [News]
posted January 4 2014 12:06.49 by spic0m

Google's Street View visited CERN facilities and the CERN people thought to organize a treasure hunt around their computing centre inviting all of you to participate and find the hidden LEGO figures they placed!

"Hidden among the racks of servers and disks in the CERN Computing Centre, you'll find Hawaiian dancers, space aliens, gorillas...all LEGO® figurines! These characters were placed about the Centre for the arrival of Google's Street View team for the world to discover.
We're pleased to announce our first global scavenger hunt! Spot three LEGO® figurines using Google's Street View and you'll be entered to win a gift of your choice from our CERN Gift Guide."

Here are the details:
Find at least three LEGO® figurines hidden around the CERN Computing Centre using Google Street View.
Take screencaps of the figurines and e-mail the pictures to TreasureHunt-ComputingCentre@cern.ch.
There will be TWO winners: one from CERN and one from the general public. If you are from CERN, make sure to send your pictures from your CERN e-mail account.
The competition is open until 31 January.
The winners will be contacted by e-mail and will be announced in the Bulletin.

Helpful hints:
Try looking on top of racks and servers; these figurines won't be hanging from the air!
There are over 20 LEGO® figurines spread across both floors of the Computing Centre. If you think you've looked everywhere, try the next floor.
We've included a map of the Computer Centre and an example of a figurine (above) to help you get started.

[Link: CERN]

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