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Raspberry Pi Compute Module [News]
posted May 30 2014 11:14.10 by spic0m

Alessio Biancalana writes about the new member in the Raspberry family, the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module, a complete Pi in with a SODIMM connector similar to that used by the RAM on your desktop PC.

"I am not an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi, for a bunch of reasons: indeed I believe that we can find on the actual market so many boards that would make a Raspberry Pi blush in a confrontation uniquely based upon hardware features. The enabling element of the Raspberry is its cost: it has probably the lowest cost regarding this kind of boards, and a Raspberry Pi offers a wide range of possibilities compared to many machines and boards available on the market. It didn 19t get any better with a new model, because the Raspberry Pi Foundation concentrated its effort on a new form factor, but the Raspberry Pi Compute Module amazed us with a totally new range of chances. This new kind of possibilities is not targeted to casual users or scientists: the Raspberry Pi Foundation, releasing this new model, is looking forward to capture a new market: a Raspberry Pi Compute Module is perfect indeed for those who want to make their own PCBs.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is in fact an entire Raspberry Pi, literally imploded to assume another form: we have a CPU and a series of slots on an integrated circuit, with a SODIMM connector similar to that used by the RAM on your desktop PC. Clearly, you can 19t plug it in your motherboard, because the pins assignments are not compatible, so don 19t even try!

Everything of a Raspberry is shrunk down to fit this new need: however someone could want to try this new solution, without being able to design a PCB. For this purpose, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has put out an amazing accessory to accomplish a task that requires a working machine and all of its features. While the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is an excellent starting point to project a good PCB that integrates with it very well, we can try to combine a Compute Module with a Compute Module IO Board, a pre-built main circuit conceived precisely for this reason."

Read the whole article at Open Electronics.

[Link: Open Electronics]

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  • At 26 June 2014, 22:05:26 user Michael wrote:   [reply @ Michael]
    • There is already project based on this module called 'Modberry 500'

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