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How a 4 Layer PCB is Made [Knowledge]
posted January 18 2014 8:56.16 by spic0m

Alan Parekh at Hacked Gadgets posted a very nice video about the making of a 4 layer PCB.

"When you send off your Gerber files to have your latest board made you will be shipped some shiny new board in a few weeks. The process of creating the boards is very time consuming, the video above goes through the many steps of how a 4 layer PCB is created. Most boards are 2 layer but it is interesting to see how the inner layers of the 4 layer boards are created. It is hard to believe that our boards can be processed through this many steps and be flawless when they are completed since a small mistake on any of these steps would have a good change of damaging the entire thing."

[Link: Hacked Gadgets]

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