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Membrane Keypad Interface [Project]
posted November 15 2013 12:35.24 by spic0m

Suppose you've built a project, some sort of device that, from time to time, needs to have some data or commands entered into it. The first thing that comes to mind is to connect that device to the serial port of your PC but what if you don't wish to do that for some reason. You could use a keypad. If you only needed to input some numbers it wouldn't be too much of a problem to connect a 3x4 keypad. But if you need to be able to input the whole alphabet then it is more difficult.

This project describes an interface from a 40 keyswitch membrane keypad to a serial line.

[Link: Roger Schaefer]

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  • At 1 February 2014, 12:54:55 user Membrane Keypad wrote:   [reply @ Membrane Keypad]
    • Nice information that you have given. I never expected to find such type of blog.I am really appreciate with your logic and it is helpful for others in future.

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