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The Amazing Randi talks about his own Horoscope [Skepticism]
posted March 5 2014 15:04.30 by Giorgos Lazaridis

No this is not a misleading title... Its a video with the Amazing Randi himself talking about his own horoscope which was made by a "professional astrologist". Which makes me think: How stupid must one be to sit down and create Randi's horoscope???

Nevertheless the horoscope is quite accurate! Randi agrees as well! After all the "professional astrologist" used arithmology (for the name James Randi) as well as his date of birth. Everything is smooth and clear except of two minor details: The "professional astrologist" had a wrong birthday date (and thus a wrong astrological symbol) and the name "James Randi" is not the real name of "James Randi"

Watching these episodes makes me think twice about these poor guys. Most of them are not cheating, they really believe!!!

[Link: James Randi Foundation]

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