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David Copperfield vanishing the statue of liberty - Revealed [Video]
posted May 3 2012 20:17.37 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I went once to a scientific exhibition in a planetary observatory here in Greece, and there was a Greek star physicist making a lecture in front of live audience. I remember this day like it was yesterday (i was that amazed!). One of the things the scientist told was that human senses are deceptive, and unless you can prove something through exact sciences or gain some reliable measurements, better do not believe what you see.

Let's be realistic now. You don't really believe that the statue of liberty was disappeared, do you???? Here is the trick:

I did not search more than once in youtube (and youtube only), so i am not sure how the trick was really performed, but i find the following method with the rotating platform rather logical and simple. Mirrors could also be one method.

So, why did i post this entry? Some days ago i had this conversation with a friend of mine regarding this very trick (and others in general). That's why.

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