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ATTENTION! This cheap ebay LED lamp can kill you !!!
posted December 15 2014 21:23.38 by Giorgos Lazaridis

ATTENTION to all ebay buyers. Those guys in China factories do not give a penny for safety. It's all about cost, cost, cost. Safety is nowhere in their scripts nor notebooks. Whenever you buy a noname brand from ebay at a third of the price from a branded similar one, do not feel like the guru of capitalism that has just manipulated the system. You've been tricked, you b ought something expensive! Something that should cost less than 10 cents, you a whole freaking Euro, 10 times its price!

But price is not the main reason why i post this entry. Its safety


This guy got an LED lamp from ebay. And for some (wise) reason he decided to rip it apart. And what he found inside?
- A transformer? NO!
- A flyback SMPS? Of course not!
- An uninsulated power supply with dual line resistors? - Heck NO

He found out the most basic uninsulated power supply with a single RC voltage drop circuit in series with one of its GU10 connections. If you're lucky and you connect the lamp with this connector at live, then the lamp is "reasonably" safe. If not, then you have a live wire exposed! No kidding! Let alone the fact that the aluminum housing is in direct contact with the aluminum layer of the PCB through which the wires go through...

Really, what would it cost to share the resistance between both lines? How many people has this lamp killed that we do not know?

Watch this video and STOP buying from ebay anything that goes into mains power. Watch this video


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