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Do you want an OP-Amp to handle up to 1.5 KV? [News]
posted November 4 2014 18:53.13 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Apex Microtechnology offers a new High-Voltage OP-Amp series for HV requirements. The PA99 is an industry first 2500V power operational amplifier. This off the shelf single package device uses the same reliable cascaded topology used in in several other of the company 19s high voltage products.

Designed as a general purpose operational amplifier, this hybrid can operate with symmetric or asymmetric supplies, as long as the voltage between the positive and the negative supply rail do not exceed the maximum supply voltage specification. The PA99 is also fully capable of sourcing and sinking current; therefore, the PA99 can be used in a wide variety of applications driving resistive, inductive, capacitive loads, or any combination thereof.

The PA99 is designed to provide at least 20mA of continuous output current, and up to 50mA PEAK, as long as the device is operated within its SOA (safe operating area). An output current limit function can be set through external resistors to prevent runaway currents. Temperature monitoring is provided through a temperature sensing diode, and under typical operating conditions, the PA99 can achieve slew rates of 25-35V/┬Ás.

The device is currently in sampling phase and it will be available for production quantities in April 2015.

Read the original news release here

[Via: EDN]    [Link: apexanalog]

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