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Voyager 1 looks at Jupiter - Remake
posted May 23 2011 20:41.03 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Many years ago, when Voyager 1 had just began it's long journey to space, it flew past Jupiter and many TV shows broadcasted a movie of Jupiter's bands of rolling clouds. Here is the video from January 6 to January 29, 1979, after some lifting...

Credit: NASA/JPL/Processed by Bjorn Jonsson
The movie is based on 58 orange-green-blue color composites obtained on every Jovian rotation from January 6 to January 29, 1979. Over this period Voyager 1's distance from Jupiter dropped from 58 to 36 million km so the resolution and sharpness of the frames increases from start to finish. The 58 frames were tweened, increasing the number of frames by a factor of 8 (that is, 7 synthetic frames are inserted between each real frame).

[Via: universe today]    [Link: planetsocblog]
Tags: history   crazy photo/video   space related   science   

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