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Big bang recreated in a metamaterial - time travel is impossible
posted April 20 2011 19:28.21 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Did you know that there is something called "metamaterial" and that it can be used to create desktop black holes and simulate multiverses? Igor Smolyaninov, professor and metamaterial theorist from the University of Maryland seems to know them pretty well. In a new paper, he says that mapping light distribution in a metamaterial can serve as a model for the flow of time. This particular model reveals that the forward direction of time is unrelenting. So, that flying DeLorean equipped with a flux capacitor, probably won't work :((

Read here the original article.

[Via: popsci]    [Link: technologyreview]
Tags: time travel   simulation   revealed   theory/tutorial   science   physics   

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