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Simple LM2585 12V to 24V 1A Step-Up (Boost) SMPS Regulator [Project]
posted September 11 2014 10:20.39 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Its a common feel among the electronic newbies that SMPS topologies and especially Step-Up regulators are usually hard to make. Michail Papadimitriou designed a very simple DC-DC step-up converter based on the LM2585-ADJ regulator by Texas Instruments.

This IC was choosen for it's simplicity of use, requiring minimal external components and for it's ability to control the output voltage by defining the feedback resistors (R1,R2). NPN switching/power transistor is intergrated inside the regulator and is able to withstand 3A maximum current and 65V maximum voltage. Switching frequency is defined by internal oscillator and it's fixed at 100KHz.

This specific design has a 12V DC input and delivers 24V at its output, able to supply up to 1A of current (24W). The switching frequency is 100KHz and the efficiency is higher than 90%.

Follow this link to get all the details including parts list and Eagle project files.

[Link: electronics-lab]

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