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Avengers Tesseract Case Replica Doubles as Media Player [Project]
posted March 17 2014 3:45.42 by spic0m

You have two options when putting together a home entertainment center. You can buy something from the store and put your equipment on it, or you can build something totally unique and feel awesome about it. Guess which one this guy did?

Using a Raspberry Pi with a copy of Raspbian OS on board isn't a new trick, and neither is installing XBMC inside of that so you have a little media center rig. There are all sorts of clever tutorials out there for making them run well on tiny screens in vehicles or as small boxes that can be easily concealed on your entertainment center. However, what if all you are using is a projector? What's the best way to build a box that looks nice on the table where your projector lives that offers you complete control and offers ample geek cred? If your answer wasn't to build something that looks like the Tesseract case from The Avengers, you're going to want to see this.

[Link: Geek]

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