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Researchers levitate objects using nothing but sound [Innovation]
posted January 6 2014 15:17.09 by spic0m

It's always fun to look back at how older sci-fi media predicted the future - the time in which we currently live - would be. We don't yet have consumer-grade flying cars, and we also haven't made contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life, much less found any extraterrestrial life. Functional robots are more or less just arms used in factories rather than working as our butlers, and our displays are just now beginning to look a little better than HD rather than being fully holographic. We as a civilization advanced, sure, but not in the way old media thought. We carry around extraordinarily powerful pocket computers, we can make almost anything look real in a movie, and there's a good chance you're going out to dinner tonight because you yelled at your phone and it suggested a nice restaurant in response. Now, we're encroaching on that old sci-fi prediction of the future - scientists managed to levitate objects using nothing but sound.

[Link: Geek]

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