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Hack your backlit keyboard and play a game of snake!
posted December 15 2014 19:30.20 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is yet another proof that old games had no graphics but the game-play was awesome and the addiction-factor was barely legal. Jeroen Domburg took the time to hack his Coolermaster QuickFire Rapid-I mechanical keyboard (which has backlit) and embed ye good old Nokia phone snake game.

He has written down a very good documentation on how he worked to acquire the firmware of the keyboard (very clever method!!!) and how he managed to modify and burn his own version. You really want to read this document.

Here is the demo video of the Snake Game

And a fluid animation of the LEDs

Being a hacker is not like being those TV freaks who say "I will hack this" and they seem to follow the same road all the time, typing like crazy and trying to brute-force codes to enter some damn main system. No, not at all. Being a hacker is more philosophical, more mental. It's the art of discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting holes that the maker has yet to discover.

Jeroen is a very good example - Read his article to see how he managed to get the firmware, the hacker's way!


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