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How funny would it be if Google was a real person you had to talk to? [Humor]
posted January 19 2014 10:50.08 by spic0m

Your Google search history is probably littered with typos, questionable queries, embarrassing visits to malware-infected websites, porn, Facebook, porn, Facebook, basic math questions a 6-year-old would know, juvenile jokes and so forth. It's not a proud place to be. But what if in order to make all those searches you do on Google, you had to talk to a real life person? Can you imagine if Google was just some guy in an office answering all of your life's questions?

College Humor ran with the idea of a real life Google and put a guy in an office as Google delivering everybody's search results in its latest skit. It's frustrating to be Google but so much more embarrassing to be ourselves.

[Link: Sploid@Gizmodo]

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