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Precision Voltage Adapter using LTC1100 [Project]
posted November 19 2013 10:06.14 by spic0m

LTC1100 is a zero-drift, precision instrumentation amplifier. Unlike LMP8358, it does not offer programmatic gain setting (the 8-pin package), and the gain is preset at 100. But LTC1100 has several advantages over LMP8358. For instance, while the typical gain non-linearity for LT1100 and LMP8358 are quite comparable, the guaranteed maximum gain nonlinearity for LTC1100 is 20ppm compared to 100ppm for LMP8358. LTC1100 32s also has superior gain accuracy and wider supply voltage range, making it an ideal candidate for precision voltage measurements. On the other hand, LTC1100 32s GBW is significantly less than that of LMP8358, and the CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) is also worse. However, for measuring DC-level voltages, gain linearity and accuracy are far more important.

[Link: Kerry Wong]

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