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LFS data on my Dashboard with Arduino
posted June 7 2010 17:24.21

herctrap used an arduino to read from the LFS (Live For Speed) game data such as rpm, speed, gear, turbo pressure, and fuel and made his own dashboard.
From the data he aquired he used 1 servo for the fuel indicator and a unipolar motor for the rpm that actuates also a shift light and one for the fuel indicator. The dashboard completes a 2x16 LCD screen showing current speed and current gear.

Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   lcd   diy   rc servo   computer peripheral hacks   gaming   microcontroller   arduino   

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  • At 8 June 2010, 21:20:25 user herctrap wrote:   [reply @ herctrap]
    • thanks a lot
      but i used a unipollar stepper motor with 45 steps for the rpm meter

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