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Thank you for your help ! The book is on its way! [Site news]
posted July 8 2012 12:19.41 by Giorgos Lazaridis

If you had visited the site between 3 and 6 of July, you should have noticed that i had initiated a donation for a book. I ran this donation because i am kinda short of money and i really wanted to go on with a more advanced book than the ones that i already own. I want to fill some gaps in my transistor theory and publish it as a free pdf for download (as i have promised), and begin learning about FET transistors for SMPS topologies (which will probably be my next theories).

When i first began this donation, i had decided to keep it for 30 days and stop it afterwards, regardless if i had collected the money or not. I believed that $90 is a very reasonable amount for 30 days to be collected, if 90 people donate $1 each. If not, then this would mean that people are not willing to help and that i should re-consider the site's content...

I was rather surprised with the results. Many people responded immediately with higher donation amounts and i managed to collect the complete amount within 3 days! Here is the list:

The total amount that i collected is $105. Subtracting the paypal fees, the amount i received is $94.8.

Thank you very much each and every one for your kind act to help me get the book. I realized that this book will be a rather special on my bookshelf, since it is the result of the appreciation of people for my work and efforts.

I immediately ordered the book

And then i received this email from amazon - The book is on its way!

I hope that i will get the most out of this book and further upgrade the site's content.

With regards
Giorgos Lazaridis~

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  • At 11 July 2012, 8:21:08 user Nathan wrote:   [reply @ Nathan]
    • Uriahsky, I completely disagree. This book is fantastic. A must have for anyone interested in and learning about electronics. The basic theory and operations of electronics don't change so the book being slightly out of date is irrelevant. I accept the book maybe slightly pricy but it is out of print so what do you expect for such great content.

      Love the site and I congratulate you with the work you have put in. I think it is a great idea for you to expand your library especially if it means you pass on your knowledge in the form of tutorials and lessions for your readers!

  • At 9 July 2012, 8:51:16 user Ian wrote:   [reply @ Ian]
    • Hi George,

      Just found this site and what a great resource, have you thought of putting together a book of your own with lulu.com, that would contain a nicely laid out selection of your circuits, projects, etc? I think many people would pay a reasonable amount for something like that.

      cheers from Oz,

  • At 9 July 2012, 5:41:01 user Uriahsky wrote:   [reply @ Uriahsky]
    • 90.00 seems quite high for that book. Maybe that is the going price but it is not worth it. I think there is a 3rd version in the works. But the second is outdated. Also, you can find the pdf online all over the place. And... It is not really that good of a book unless it is kind of used for review. If maybe someone went for an EE Degree and wants to review things quickly then the book might help. But there are better books. I really like Electronics Principles 7th ed. by Albert P. Malvino. Just sayin...

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