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DIY Flexible Circuits [Project]
posted June 17 2014 9:57.18 by spic0m

Paul Strohmeier writes about his experience and results on experimenting with flexible circuit printing:
"I am currently creating flexible circuits for a project I am working on.
For my project however I need multiple layers and I also need to integrate several IC's with many small pins. First I figured I would have to get it printed profesionally, however I ended up giving it a shot, with surprisingly good results.

To test whether this was feasable I decided to create small brakout boards for a multiplexer and an atmega. I managed to get a friend interested in this, so together with Marty I designed some simple 1 to 1 pin breakouts for the two ICs.

Here you can see the two circuits printed on pyralux using a solid state printer. I designed them using Inkscape (http://inkscape.org) a freewhere program which turned out astoundingly powerful and userfriendly."

Read the whole article here.

[Link: Paul Strohmeier]

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