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The enemies of Reason - Richard Dawkins [Documentary]
posted January 3 2013 14:24.24 by Giorgos Lazaridis

There are indeed some documentaries that are worth to watch, and some others that aren't. There are also some documentaries that we MUST watch at least once, and Richard Dawkins - The Enemies of Reason is one of them.

Science and reason has given us so many goods and comforts that we take for granted, such as our language, extremely extended life expectancy (almost doubled within 100 years or so), central heating, DSL and Coke Cola in aluminum cans. Nevertheless, people still tend to believe in magic, in horoscopes, in homeopathic remedies and other dogmatic superstitions. What these individual are missing of is the "scientific eye of view" - Sure you can believe that being born in a certain date and time will dictate one's character and (maybe) the future, but believing without researching is the enemy of what makes us humans. Lions have claws and muscles, crocodiles have powerful jaws, eagles have extreme sight, humans have... nothing but reason. Nevertheless, we, reasonable humans, have become the dominant species on Earth. So, being an unreasonable human is like being a blind eagle.

So, how can we honor and respect what EVOLUTION gave us thought eons? Simply by searching for evidence! Plain scientific provable evidence that can be cross-checked through experiments and calculated through maths (or vice-versa). And if one believes that the present under the christmas tree was brought by santa and he wants to be called reasonable human being, then he owes to prove that santa exists!

[Link: Richard Dawkins]

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  • At 6 January 2013, 21:06:25 user Giorgos Lazaridis wrote:   [reply @ Giorgos Lazaridis]
    • @Jeff I agree, Dawkins many times derides the people he talks with (i hope i use the proper word-deride). Randi has his own unique way - He pays respect to his guests. They both have done a great job though. Unfortunately, Madonna is still more popular...

  • At 6 January 2013, 20:51:50 user Jeff wrote:   [reply @ Jeff]
    • Thanks for the links! Odd that while I agree with Dawkins, I find him incredibly abrasive, maybe not the best proponent of skeptical thinking.

      I prefer the way James Randi makes his case-- great NOVA from a few years ago is my reference standard skeptic-booster documentary:

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