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Time dilation special relativity and twins paradox explained
posted March 21 2011 20:48.34 by Giorgos Lazaridis

A very interesting theoretical video from Sixty Symbols! According to Einstein's special relativity, if person A is on earth, while person B is in an ultra fast rocket that can travel in space in a speed near the speed of light, then the time will not be the same for both people. As a matter of fact, looking from person's A point of view, the time for person B will pass slower. But what will happen of person B travels with that speed from earth to Alpha Centaurus and then he comes back to earth again? Will he be younger than person A?

I should not confuse you more, just watch the following video. And something else, addressed to the makers of the Sixty Symbols videos: People, please, speak slower...

[Link: Sixty symbols]
Tags: physics   science   unsolved mystery   theory/tutorial   geometry/mathematics   

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